The Games Women Play

Here’s how to pass the tests & games women play to protect their hearts & screen out the stalkers & weak men! Women bluff to test a man’s strength. Women are naturally attracted to dominant male behavior and are therefore, always doing and saying things to test the strength of the men they are talking to. The tests are subtle and impossible to recognize for men who are ignorant, unaware and who don’t know what to look for. The other thing to understand about a woman’s tests of your strength is, that they are relentless and never stop. If you start dating a woman and do everything right for the first few weeks, but then go back to your old bad behaviors that always got you rejected in the past, it’s simply a matter of time before she rejects you for the same exact reasons as all other women before her rejected you in the past. So if you are one of those guys who is strong out of the gate, but you always seem to lose momentum a few weeks in, then you need to step up your game and learn to recognize any weak or needy behaviors you tend to exhibit when you are with women you really like. When a woman does or says something that seems contradictory to what you expect or want, there is a good chance she is testing you to see what you are made of. There are literally hundreds of little signs and tells that I talk about in my book you need to be ready for. Destiny favors those minds which are prepared! The following is an e-mail from a reader. This is the third e-mail he has sent in the past month and a half. He’s been sleeping with a woman from his office who lives with her boyfriend. It’s obviously not the ideal situation you want, however, you really get to see how badly his feelings of weakness and insecurity are clouding his judgment and causing him to make unnecessary mistakes. He had this girl right where he wanted her a few weeks ago. Now he may have blown his chances for good by acting incredibly weak, needy and saying totally inappropriate things. This is a great e-mail to learn from. He’s made numerous mistakes which I point out that you can learn from, so you don’t make the same mistakes and experience the same kind of emotional pain and rejection he is experiencing because he ignored reality… and my advice. My comments are (in bold brackets like this) in the body of his e-mail:

Hi Corey,

Office affair guy here. Since your last video be mindful of your thoughts, only negative things have gone down between my coworker and I. As I mentioned in my previous email, I’m about to start working with her in the same department next Thursday. I had felt she wasn’t totally comfortable with that, neither was I by the way, but it wasn’t our choice. Still, I felt it could be nice as long as we kept our cool around the other coworkers. (She appears to have no problem keeping her cool. It’s you who is showing absolutely no self-control of your own emotions.) It’s been two weeks since our last encounter. This was when she turned down sex from the start. (No, you offered to go along with it because you were acting weak and fearful.) We did see each other over lunch last week on Wednesday. (How is “lunch” a fun-filled romantic opportunity for sex to happen? Lunch is something you do with a friend, not a sex playmate. If you want to be her friend, do things a friend would do. Go to lunch, movies, chat on the phone, etc. If you want to be her lover, do things her lover would do.) Since then, nothing. I have tried to take her out twice in 8 days and both times she had a “thing to do” and couldn’t make it. The first time was a 8 days ago. The last time was on Wednesday, so 3 days ago. (Dude, put the crack pipe down!!! Why on earth would you start calling and chasing her again? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result! That is how you fucked things up before; by chasing her and ignoring her actions. You backed off, she started chasing you again and you started getting laid more often. What possessed you to think chasing her again would make her want you more, instead of causing her to blow you off again like she is now doing? She lives with her boyfriend! You must let women come to you; especially women who are involved with other men. When you chase a woman who is acting flakey and breaking dates, guess what? She will become even flakier, break more dates and become more distant. Are you trying to make your social life a total disaster for no reason? Do you like making things unnecessarily difficult and emotionally painful for yourself? I’m the best in the world at what I do, but if you keep purposefully doing the opposite of what I taught you to do and what has been working for you the past few weeks, and instead going back to what was not working before, I can’t help you! I can’t help people who won’t help themselves. You must participate in your own rescue!)

When she turned me down 8 days ago, she sent me an email since I wasn’t reachable otherwise saying “I can’t make it this time, but we’ll do it again soon. We’re going to be working in the same office soon, so we better get used to the idea we’re just colleagues… ;)” I responded to that by saying “just colleagues, huh? 😉 .” (You’re seeking her approval with that response again! Seeking a woman’s approval guarantees rejection!) She said, “well, yeah, we’re going to be in the same office now.” I did the mistake of reading too much into it. So, I told her she seemed to be strangely “busy” these past two weeks, (Translation: “I am a weak and needy little boy who has no emotional self-control. I need to know where I stand with you because I do not understand attraction, women or the mating dance. I need you to tell me where I stand with you right now because I have no clue. I am expecting you to dump me any second once you find out I am not worthy of you.”) and that if she didn’t want us to see each other anymore, she should tell me now so I don’t waste my time asking her out anymore. (Pathetically weak!!! Where is the fun and playfulness here? You have become an emotional drama queen who is complicating her life. Alpha males don’t contemplate rejection, they simply go for what they want and think from the end; they assume things will ALWAYS work out in their favor in the end. You are begging her to reject you as being unworthy by your behavior.) Her response: “Ok! We’re not seeing each other anymore… oh snap, we’re going to be colleagues now 😉 .” (Translation: “Dude, you’re acting so weak and needy that you have destroyed the emotional connection I felt for you. It’s best we end things here before we start working together, because it’s obvious you don’t know how to play it cool, and I don’t want any drama at work.”)

Dude, WTF? Can she stop playing games and communicate like an adult? (You are totally blinded by your own high level of interest in this girl and trying to force your will upon her. That strategy guarantees failure. You’re treating her like a sex object, instead of a woman you are romancing and having a fun playful time with. You have so far been unable/unwilling to maintain any emotional self-control.) So I tell her that in a “nice” way. She responds, “yes, it would easier than having two boyfriends, no?” (Translation: “You can’t seem to keep your cool, therefore it’s probably for the best we stop seeing each other.”) In response to that, I tell her I spent great times with her, and that my intuition with her was right: that she was getting tired of this “triangle.” (Another pathetically weak statement that concedes defeat, and that you don’t think you got what it takes to keep your little office affair going.) To sort of make her jealous, I know weak, I told her that I hoped my intuition with the “other” woman was right. (Translation: “You won’t do what I want, so I will try to manipulate you into doing it by trying to scare you with an imaginary lover you may lose me to.”) She jumped right on it, asking me who I was talking about. I told her “none of your business.” She then said “Oh, Ok, I see. Well, I wish you the best” and immediately disconnected from the chat. (That was totally childish! Grade school is over bro, you’re an adult now. Cut this crap out.)

A few days passed, and I haven’t been at the office. So our only way to communicate is via email or chat. My cellphone is broken. On Wednesday morning, I sent her a fun filled email (More chasing! You’ve already been rejected twice, now you try a third time? I guess you like the abuse.) saying we should meet to talk and rekindle our fun ways after what had happened. I told her that I would be at X place at 7:30 and that I would be waiting for her in front of the subway. I made sure not to connect on the chat, because I didn’t want to give her the chance to blow me off again by chat! I saw she was online. So, she did read my email, I’m 100% sure of it. So, I show up at 7:30, wait for a half hour. She was a no show. AND, she didn’t even sent me an email saying she couldn’t make it. Even though she knew for a fact I was going to be there waiting like an asshole. (I’m sorry to say this man, but you deserved it! That is not a definite date. That’s trying to force her into meeting you. Weak.) We haven’t talked since, and frankly, I still feel super disrespected by her “no show.” (You did it to yourself. Come on! Women are not dogs that you can just call on command to do your will. Women come and go as they please like cats; you try to catch, corral or force them to do what you want, and they’ll drop you faster than a bad habit!!!) It’s a first for me, and it’s unforgivable as far as I’m concerned.” (Take out your right hand… and smack the shit out of yourself a few times for acting like such a needy jackass with this girl. You had it going great, but you fumbled the football with too many mistakes and ignoring reality.) Who the fuck does she think she is? (Hey, girls just want to have fun. If you only offer them drama and serious talk, they’re going to reject you and go find a guy who knows how to show them a good fun time with no strings attached.) That’s what I’m constantly asking myself. I know I should try to not care, but at this point, I don’t care about HER, (Bullshit.) it’s about the blatant disrespect. (Look in the mirror. Your best thinking got you to where you are now. You ignored my advice and reality. Therefore, the pain is all yours. Accept the fact that these past few weeks have not been your best performance.) The funny thing is that she seems to forget I’ll be there on Thursday… I ain’t gonna be nice to her. (That would be a mistake. Be nice as if nothing has happened. This is YOUR SHIT you are dealing with, not hers. Be a man and take the pain you have unnecessarily inflicted onto yourself and resolve to never make the same weak mistakes again, unless you want the same thing to happen with the next girl.) What do you think? Should I act like nothing happened and be nice to her, or give her the treatment she gave me? (It’s just another day dude. Let me restate once again. NEVER CALL, TEXT, EMAIL, MESSAGE, CHAT, ETC. WITH HER UNLESS YOU ARE RESPONDING TO HER initiated contact. If this were a normal situation with a girl you just started dating, you would call her once per week to ask her out. After a few weeks, she’d be calling you more and more so you would not even have to call her for dates anymore. However, this is a girl who started chasing you, but you became a needy jackass and chased her away. Therefore, you must wait for her to come back, if she does at all. This way she is always chasing you… and… if she’s chasing you… she can’t be dumping you. If she does contact you again, although unlikely now, then set up a fun filled romantic opportunity for sex to happen. You need to start meeting and dating as many new women as possible so you can improve your skills and have several women you are dating and sleeping with. Then, when a girl comes along who is actually single and available, you’ll do everything right from the get-go so she falls in love with you and makes you her boyfriend. If you don’t practice what I teach with other women, you will not improve your skills and continue to get rejected by every woman for the same reasons this one has rejected you… neediness. You can download the Amazon Kindle version of my book to your Smartphone, PC, Mac or iPad in under 60 seconds for only $9.99 by CLICKING HERE to learn how to meet and date the type of women you’ve always wanted and have effortless relationships.)

Thanks Corey,


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  1. J Dude says

    This scenario you discussed here is closely similar to what I’ve dealt with the past few months with a girl I work with. I ended up becoming too needy and scared her off, but now that the dust has settled things seem a lot more lax and there’s the potential to start things over again, except for me to do it right this time and not act like some emotional jackass, but a confident man who knows what he wants and how to present himself and act. Just by reading this article and several of your other articles. I feel honored to have such knowledge bestowed upon me. I not only feel like a much smarter person just having read all of your advice, but I also feel very empowered by what you’ve written. Now all I need to do is apply this knowledge to my actions, and the world shall be at my fingertips and life will have never felt better.

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