Men With Confidence Are Sexy To Women!

Life is difficult and full of challenges. Masculine energy is all about purpose, drive and mission in life. Feminine energy is about opening up and receiving love. Women are sexually attracted to confident men. Confident men are men who are sure of themselves because they have spent plenty of time to become good at what they do for a living by making mistakes and failing, but learning from their mistakes. Men who are confident are sure they can eventually get whatever they want. The reason women are sexually attracted to confident men is that confident men are not only successful in life, but successful at breaking down a woman’s barriers and emotional resistance to their desires. The more safe and comfortable they make women feel, the more they will open up and become submissive to receive their love.

Men who lack confidence with women communicate through their actions, words and body language that they are weak and unsure of themselves. They make women feel like they do not have the strength to pass their tests, nor do they have what it takes to make her feel safe and comfortable to where she could open up and submit to him. Women instinctively know that becoming involved with weak men means there is a high probability of being emotionally and even physically hurt by them. Women would rather just wait for a guy to come along who does get it.

From a biological perspective, a woman is naturally going to mate with the most dominant male. Why? Just like in the animal kingdom, confident alpha males will produce strong offspring that can not only thrive and survive, but reproduce in the future to ensure their genes survive into future generations. Have you ever watched a video of male animals who are young, inexperienced and unsure of themselves getting thrown off of the females backs as they tried to mount and mate with them? The female animals instinctively reject the weak ones.

The best way for a man to develop more confidence is to become focused on his purpose and mission in life doing something that he really loves. Men who have a passion for what they do can be really great at it. Men who feel successful in life are simply more peaceful, more relaxed, more balanced and stable than men who are living a life of quiet desperation; working in a career they hate, but having simply given up on their dreams.

Guys who have given up have nothing to really be excited about because their lives are so filled with activities that are not emotionally compelling or exciting to them. When they talk to women they like, they have no enthusiasm. They simply come across as men who are “impotent” in life. These kind of men usually are looking for a woman to make them happy. Women like guys who believe in themselves and their dreams. A woman who loves you is excited for you. She will be your biggest cheerleader. She will stand behind you and be excited to be a part of your mission. You must find a way to make yourself happy first before you get into a relationship.

The following is an e-mail I got from a phone coaching client of mine. When I first started coaching him earlier this year he wasn’t getting laid at all. Now it’s starting to happen all the time. He’s excited about his new career in law enforcement. Chicks are calling and chasing him and asking him out for dates. What’s a guy to do when really pretty, hot and horny women want to see him? He simply creates romantic opportunities for sex to happen, a.k.a. a date. My comments are (in bold brackets like this) in the body of his e-mail:


How’s it going brother? Looks like your a busy man with all the newsletters that you are putting out, GREAT INFORMATION by the way! (Thanks man.) Well as for me things are lookin up more and more, I started prioritizing my schedule with work and school (Good job!). The anxiety has gone down since I started formulating a plan like you said I should do. I just need to fine tune it a little more. (Repetition is the mother of skill) As for the ladies, well, that’s not going too bad either. A week after our last coaching session, another gal that I hadn’t heard from in a while had called me on a Saturday, and asked if I had any plans for the evening because she was in town (Women help you when they like you.), and wanted to hang out. So I said sure no problem I told her to text me the address where she was staying and to be ready by 8 and to put on something hot 😉 (Good job making the definite date) She replied with, “your crazy, I’ll be waiting for you”, so sure enough I went to pick her up and she was looking great. Well as the night went on I took her to someplace nice and quite after a couple drinks. I asked her if she wanted to leave she said sure. To make a long story short, I got her to my place after just half a beer she was ready to rock brother! (Women like sex just as much as men do.) So I slipped her the “ole two incher” lol and got her squared away. Well the next day I took her back to her sisters house and that was that. A couple days later I got a call from a mutual friend of her and I, and she said that she was all bragging about what such a good time she had with me and that I made her feel totally comfortable, and so on and that she couldn’t wait to come back to town to see me again. So i told our friend “Of course she said that, every gal that I take out says that!” My being cocky! Lol so things are looking up coach. Thanks again my brother. (Your happiness is my goal.)

Well on a different note, I tested for the agency I was telling you about in my home town and I passed the PT test and the written exam. I am scheduled for an interview next Tuesday. I went for a ride along yesterday and it really had me thinking Corey if this is something that I really want to do, well after thinking about it long and hard, that answer came back and it is Yes. This is something that I really want Corey. I asked the officer if he had any tips for me when I go into my interview and he said “Confidence” go in there with confidence because that’s what they are looking for, what type of character I have. So in between now and then I am going to prep myself. Get myself ready mentally and fuckin tackle it Corey, like I have in the past. I have a feeling that this is my shot. (It’s just one shot at one police department out of thousands across the country.) I must admit I have that little devil of self doubt in the back of my mind still, but I know I must face and subdue him if I want to move forward that’s the ONLY way! What do you think my brother? Your advice is greatly appreciated. (Piece of cake for a guy like you! Remember, it’s simply just your next opportunity to land the job you really want. If you don’t get it, you’ll simply apply to another city. Enjoy the process of getting hired.) Hope to hear from you soon Corey.


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