Let Women Chase You!

Science has proven that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear. Most men come on way too strong to women who they have a high level of interest in. They try to do too much too soon with women. This causes them to come off as being weak and needy. Weak and needy men who chase women turn into stalkers, control freak boyfriends and physically abusive boyfriends. Weak and needy men will destroy a woman’s feeling of comfort and safety. When a man chases a woman, his actions communicate that he has a problem attracting women. Therefore, women tend to avoid him. Weak and needy men are driven by fear. Men who are driven by fear can often do things that are irrational when they become too emotionally invested in any one woman.

Men who are comfortable with themselves and successful with women, allow women to come and go as they please. This makes women feel safe and comfortable around him. He never tries to force things with women because women are always offering themselves to him. And when they are not, he sees it as their loss and he really feels that way. He wants to spend his time with women who want to be with him. He takes the path of least resistance. Why try to keep someone who doesn’t want to keep you? Why chase women, when you can hang back, be your authentic self, go about your life with a purpose, but always notice and express your intoxication with the beautiful women you meet in the knowing that women who find you desirable and attractive also, will make it known that they like you and want you around? As you are going about your life and along the way a gorgeous goddess dances into your world, tell her what you really like about her as an authentic expression of your masculine heart, “You are an absolute goddess! I want you! You are intoxicating to look at! You have a gorgeous figure! Etc.” If the “I want you” is too scary to say, then leave it out and only acknowledge her beauty. Then go about your business. If she likes you, she will stop you from walking away, or later come and find you.

Why do you think women go through all of the trouble picking out sexy clothes, doing their hair, their makeup/warpaint, etc.? They want to attract a desirable males attention! It’s as simple as that. Ask them! They will tell you! If you are hanging out at your favorite watering hole having a good time with your buddies, but are so busy having fun with your friends that you don’t even notice all of the hot women around you, women will assume that you are probably successful with women, married or in a relationship and therefore safe to talk to. They will want to join in on your fun.

Once a woman has shown you that she will call you or text you on her own, then she will continue to do that as long as she has a high level of interest in you and you continue to communicate through your actions, words and body language that you are a catch and deserve someone like her. Neediness and chasing women by calling and pursuing them more then they call and pursue you is anti-challenge and deflates the sexual tension. If they start to feel a neediness inside of you and they back off by not calling or texting you as much, you must let them go. They will call you when they see you have not chased them, this gives them the space to wonder about you and think about you when you are not around. This gives women the time that they need to feel their emotions and feelings regarding you, feel your strength and raise their level of interest in you when they realize you are not going to chase them or do anything different than you would with any other woman who likes you. This causes her to realize that she must work for you if she decides she wants you all to herself as her boyfriend. You’re not just going to hand it to her. She must earn it. Therefore, she appreciates it and gives value to your presence and time.

Since most men do not understand women, most men who approach women are going to get rejected. Since 97% of the guys who hit on women don’t have a clue what they are doing, women must become very good at rejecting men quickly. Guys that do not get it are extremely easy for them to spot. Guys that do get it are rarer and therefore very valuable and sexy to women. Women see these guys as a catch. These guys act, think, feel and know they are a catch. Therefore, to women, these guys are worth the risk of a broken heart and why women chase after them and often compete for their attention and affection with their girlfriends or other women.

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So if you don’t feel confident enough inside, fake it until you make it by simply acting and demonstrating the behaviors of men who are successful with women. The more things you do correctly with women, the more women you will become successful with, and the less you will get rejected. It’s impossible to get rejected by a woman who is chasing you. Let my man Morgan Freeman explain it to you in his wise old words.

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An adult bull and his son are standing on a hill overlooking a bunch of very attractive female heifers. The young bull says to his Dad, “Hey Dad, lets run down there and get ourselves a heifer!” His father says, “No son. Lets walk down there and get em all!”

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