Dominant Behavior Attracts Women

How to act like a dominant male to attract, or re-attract the women you want into your life. Wussy-like behavior is the quickest way to get rejected by a woman you have romantic interest in. Women are most attracted to men who exhibit dominant male behavior. Women will communicate they find you attractive and that they have interest, but they expect you to be direct, confident and arrange a definite date to create an opportunity for sex to happen. Women expect you to know what to do. They don’t want to teach you, and they certainly do not want to be the person who has to make the decisions in the courtship. She wants to focus on looking good for you, and she wants you to focus on showing her a good time, making her feel comfortable and making her laugh. This allows her to show up looking desirable so she can be filled up with your love/presence emotionally, mentally, spiritually… and if you play your cards right… physically. She wants to feel your strength. Not your indecisiveness, lack of confidence or your fear that you don’t deserve her. Dominant men know what to do. Why? Because they know what women like and what women want, and they simply give it to them. When you go on a date, show up as an equal. Someone who brings something to the table. Don’t show up and hang on her every word looking for her approval or validation of everything you do or say. The following is an e-mail I got from a reader. A woman he was hooking up with stuck him in friendship zone and unfortunately, he’s been going along with this for far too long. He’s gone along with just being friends in hopes that it will change later. He’s been going along with something that is not what he really wants. He can’t take it anymore and wants to know what he can do to turn things around. My comments are (in bold brackets like this) in the body of his e-mail:

Hi Corey,

On my way to read your book a second time and it has helped me quite a lot to understand women. (You can download the Amazon Kindle version of my book to your Smartphone, PC, Mac or iPad in under 60 seconds for only $9.99 by CLICKING HERE to learn how to meet and date the type of women you’ve always wanted and have effortless relationships.)

There is this girl that has been on my mind after she told me to just be friends. We were together for about three months. She has told me to just be friends three times. The first time was after a fun day alone we had together. I hinted that I wanted sex and was talking dirty near the end of the day. She told me that she didn’t want to hurt me. (Translation: “I can tell you have no emotional self-control, and would therefore get hung up on me, act needy and I’d just have to dump you and break your heart.”) She still loves me but she would never forgive herself if she hurt me. She has thought about me during the day and at night. I told her that if that was how she feels, I’ll stop bothering her and said I’d like to stay friends. She said “of course I want to be your friend”, then proceeded to talk dirty with me and we had a nice time in bed. Right after, she told me she didn’t want to do this again but would proceed to text me dirty a few days later. (Chicks like sex just as much as us guys do. When you act cool and let women come and go as they please, you make it easy for them to choose you because they can get fulfilled without any attachments or drama.) The second time she told me this was when we had a chat on the phone. She told me to just be friends and I told her that’s alright. She started to cry and I told her I’d still be here. After this incident, she became more interested in me. (Because you were indifferent to the friends only comment. You had a take it or leave it kind of attitude.) She made me a priority and would do anything to make me happy. It was around this time that I started getting needy and clingy. This turned her off but I didn’t notice. I would do things you would shake your head at. (I used to do the same shit many years ago.) During her time of the month, I started acting like a butler. I told her I’d be here if she needs anything. I bombarded her phone with texts to make sure she felt comfortable. (Chasing women guarantees rejection!) I woke up to a text telling me she just wants to be friends, and that was it. I was devastated and told her I still loved her and I would wait for her to find love for me again. She told me she still loves me and to just take it slow. (Translation: “I like you, but I will not hesitate to put you back in friend zone if you act like a needy clingy jackass.”) I couldn’t take it anymore and wrote her a long, sappy e-mail telling her how much I love her, but told her that I can’t stick around as a friend. However, I returned the next day, stupid of me, and stayed around as a friend. (No, that was simply weak beta male behavior that shows you have no self respect. If you constantly cave to a woman’s demands, she will never respect you. As she loses respect for you, her attraction for you also drops accordingly.) A month has passed and we’re still friends. There were little arguments I had with her during the month, (Men who understand women do not argue with them. They communicate with them in a mature, loving, adult way.) but every time, I would come back and apologize. (Never apologize for wanting a woman sexually.) What is wrong with me? (Your fear of loss causes you to settle for friendship so you don’t have to deal with the possibility that it may be over, and you’ll never get her back. You’re also seeking her approval. What you fear you attract. What you look at, disappears.) About six days ago, I arranged a date with her. She accepted. I could tell she didn’t have fun on the date. She was sleepy, but could that be what contributed to her boredom? (It’s called LOW INTEREST. Women make it obvious when they like you. You’ve spent many months demonstrating you are weak and needy to this girl, she’s bored and over it now.) I know I’m a funny guy and I can make a lot of people enjoy their time with me. That was one of the reasons she fell in love with me. At the end of the date, she just said bye and left. (That was simply how she felt about you in that moment.) I then decided to make it clear what I wanted from her.

Four days ago, I finally sent her an e-mail using the format you gave in your “Here’s The Best Strategy To Get An Ex Back” article. (You don’t send an email. That’s weak. You do it in person like a man.) I’m not sure if she read it, but I decided to stick to my guns. There is a game we play together, so I would see her on there anytime we’re on together. The past four days, she has been trying to get my attention, telling me little things like something funny happening to her that day or something she remembers about me. I just acted cold and distant and gave her indifferent answers. She also texted me about three days ago asking me to help her on the game. I still acted cold and distant and just said “k.” This led me to believe she had me on her mind since there were other people to help her and the texts she sent were pretty long, trying to explain why she needs help and make it seem like she isn’t bad at the game; one of her insecurities. Also, she texted me about five minutes after I logged off from the game. When I replied “k”, she just said “never mind, I’ll just do it myself” and I ignored that text. It seems she has finally had enough. She confronted me today, saying how I don’t want her in my life. I laughed at her and told her to believe what she wants to believe. (You state what you want and then stick to it. Not be a cold dick to her. When she contacts you, simply restate what you want. If she says no, then tell her to call you when she changes her mind and go about your business. She would bluff in the past, but you would always go back and agree to be just friends, which is not what you really wanted.) She told me ok ty and just deleted me from her friends list.

I’m wondering, is this still salvageable? (There is nothing you can do. She wants friendship, you want friends with benefits. Unless she communicates she has changed her mind, start meeting and dating some new women so you can improve your skills. That way you can become good at all 3 methods of seducing women so you can have choice with women.) She is the one that got me into understanding women, my first love. All the other girlfriends I’ve had before, I didn’t care much about them. This one, however, is getting under my skin. (You did it to yourself by acting needy.) At the beginning, I didn’t pursue her advances because I just wanted to have fun and not deal with a girlfriend. However, as time advanced, she grew on me and I started to have interest in her. She chased me in the beginning and then it turned into me chasing her. (You should ALWAYS let women do 70%-80% of the pursuing & talking. That’s how to remain mysterious and a challenge so she continues to see you as a catch she has to work to earn.) I know what I did wrong. I wasn’t in my masculine. I wanted all her attention and time. I was suffocating her. (You acted like a woman.) I got jealous when she told me about other guys. I got jealous when she decided to hang out with her friends, guy or girl. I would give her no space of her own. She even tried to make me more in my masculine. She told me to not be jealous. She told me to be more dominant in bed one day. I asked her if that’s how she wants me to be in the relationship and she just said no. (That’s what she really wanted… you to act like a dominant man instead of a weak pleaser.) There were some things I did right accidentally, but I won’t bother you with those.

How do I turn this situation around? Was the e-mail enough? Did my cold and indifferent attitude make her more attracted, or did it drive her away? I don’t know how she feels. She seems like she missed me the past four days, trying to get my attention but I wouldn’t give her any. I apologize if this was long, I just wanted to say everything. (Nothing to do. Wait for her to contact you. Only agree to see her if she’s willing to give you what you want, friends with benefits again. If not, tell her to call you when she changes her mind. In the meantime get busy trying to meet some new women and hone your skills. You’re still treating women like celebrities. Women just want to be treated like everyone else.)

Thank you, Corey.


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