Be A Man! Stand Up For Yourself!

How to be a man & learn to stand up for yourself with women so they love & respect you. How to prevent or stop women from disrespecting you & walking all over you. Women love men who know what they want out of life, and who are fearless about going after it, including the women they want. They want a man who knows how to be his own person. A man who is already happy, whole and complete, but looking for someone to share his completeness with. Women are incredibly turned off by men who do not stand up to them, but let them walk all over them. If you do not have any self respect for yourself, women will pick up on this and treat you with disrespect. The biggest thing that I see men doing around women that causes rejection, is they change who they are in the hopes that women will like them. They act like needy pleasers who don’t want to rock the boat and are constantly seeking the approval of women because they do not feel they are worthy. The following is an e-mail from a reader who grew up with a weak father and a mother who dominated them both. The same thing always happens to him when he starts dating women that he likes. Things are good at first, but after a while they become disrespectful and rude and he just takes it. He does not stand up for himself and eventually he gets dumped. My comments are (in bold brackets like this) in the body of his e-mail:

Hey Corey,

So I have a problem. I grew up in a family full of women with little or no presence of a strong healthy man in my family. My father was there, but he was always very aloof until he got angry about something. And it wasn’t until later I found out just how weak of a man he was, which was devastating to see and experience. My mother cares about me and I love her. We talk and have fun. But for a larger part of my life I’ve always felt like her “do boy” or her servant. It doesn’t help that she tends to be emotionally distant with me also. A history of watching relationships in my family has taught me what not to do, but I still make those weak mistakes. I’ve never truly seen what a strong and healthy man looks like in a relationship. I don’t know how to be strong with a woman, let alone myself. I’ve never been taught to respect myself. (If you don’t have any self-respect, women will not respect you either. If women do not respect you, they will NEVER love you.) I’ve constantly had women nagging at me, invading my space or telling me what to do. (That is because you enable their behavior by allowing it to continue. Women nag men when the men are not taking care of the things a man should be taking care of in life. No one will ever do or say anything to you that you don’t invite them to do.) I only just realized this, and I believe it affects my relationships with women.

My relationships always start out the same. I’m at a good place in my life. I feel confident. I’m just happy, having fun, and not even worried about dating or women. Then out of nowhere, lo and behold, a girl shows up. We become friends. I don’t even take her seriously, but I find out she likes me and we start dating. Everything is fine for little bit, (Until you start liking her, then you start acting like a pleaser and a man who is seeking her approval. She started dating a man, and then you changed into a woman who is looking to be told what to do.) then I begin to lose my confidence and feel tired. (Your confidence dissipates when you start acting like a woman instead of a man. You are changing who you are once you like a girl. This is inauthentic and will turn any woman off.) I start to put up with her crap, believing that I am being understanding by doing so. I ignore my insides giving me the right answers. I ignore my insides telling me to end it. (Always listen to your heart. Your feelings are your truth.) Then she leaves me and I’m hurt for longer than I need to be. (You did it to yourself.)

My last girl appreciated the fuck out of me, which is a first for me, to be honest. I’ve never felt that appreciated or cared for. Which is why it devastated my heart when she told me she didn’t love me anymore, and started treating me like less than crap weeks after it ended. The love, the care, the friendship, the affection, the companionship that we shared… ALL gone. And 4 months later I’m dating, but still hurting, having lost that kind of deep connection so easily. When she talks to me now it’s like she is a different person. It’s like she has no love or respect for me whatsoever. It hurts more knowing all of my mistakes in hindsight. When I have the money to, I’ll be booking sessions with you, believe me. How do I end this cycle? (Grow a set of balls & resolve to never let this happen again, or to act like a weak needy little bitch again. Embrace who you are. Pursue your grandest goals and dreams. Go to the mall to practice improving your social skills so you can learn to meet women constantly to practice your skills of seduction on. Read my book ASAP. You can download the Amazon Kindle version of my book to your Smartphone, PC, Mac or iPad in under 60 seconds for only $9.99 by CLICKING HERE to learn how to meet and date the type of women you’ve always wanted and have effortless relationships.) This was the last straw. I am tired of hurting myself, Corey.

Thank you,


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From my heart to yours,

Corey Wayne
Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur

“A man should be upright, not be kept upright.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

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  1. jon says

    Oh god that was funny, the bit where you say “Grow a set of balls & resolve to never let this happen again, or to act like a weak needy little bitch again.” LOL weak needy bitch lol

    This has become one of my favorite blogs

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