Lack Of Self Control

115870917The real reason why people choose consciously and unconsciously, to not exercise self control and do the opposite of what they know they should do. What drives people to not exercise self control and instead make decisions that sabotage their success.

In this video coaching newsletter I discuss three emails from different viewers. Two of them are having trouble with women because they are not exercising self control. The other one is turning things around in his relationship because he is finally standing up for himself and what he wants.

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Corey Wayne
Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur

“When we are in a fearful state and afraid of an undesirable outcome, we often will take some action that deep down we know is not going to get us the desired results we want. Then when things don’t work out we become upset with ourselves. This is a self destructive pattern that reinforces the deep seated belief that we don’t deserve to have the life and lifestyle we really want. We tend to act in accordance with our beliefs about ourselves no matter whether those beliefs are accurate or not. The next time you feel a sense of urgency to take some action while in a fearful state, it’s best to walk away and leave that decision for another day until you are peaceful and relaxed again.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne


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