Is She Girlfriend Material or Not?

145999109How to determine if the woman you are dating or want to date, is good girlfriend or wife material, and how to handle women who bark orders at you like a dog so you don’t become their man-servant or do-boy, and cause them to lose respect for and fall out of love with you.

In this video coaching newsletter I discuss two different emails from two different viewers. The first email is from a viewer who has been flirting and kissing a woman who is in his social circle after recently reconnecting with her when he had not seen her in ten years. The only problem? She has a boyfriend. He says he is certain that she is “good girlfriend material” and stopped himself from going all the way with her recently when they were making out. He asks my opinion on the situation. The second email is from a viewer who is dating a woman he is in love with and who loves him. She tells him all the time how much she loves him and how he is the only guy who gets her. This is is first time he is in love with what he considers his dream woman. However, she is constantly asking him to do things for her. He asks how to implement the ten disciplines of love I discuss in my book and still remain mysterious and not become a pushover. He also says she often barks orders at him when she wants him to do something for her, but he is worried about how to not turn into her man-servant, thereby causing her to lose respect for him and fall out of love.

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From my heart to yours,

Corey Wayne
Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur

“Just because someone will date and sleep with you, or because you have fun with them, does not mean they are good relationship material. If you are dating or hooking up with someone who is exclusive with someone else, they are a cheater and a devious person by nature. It is delusional on your part to think that if you get them to leave their lover to have a relationship with you, that they won’t cheat on you at some point. They may stay faithful when they are happy and feel their needs are being met, but if you get too caught up in life and become complacent, their tendencies will be to cheat and get their needs met outside the relationship with someone else instead of communicating properly, and working things out like an adult. Cheaters are only good for sex playmates, friends with benefits or open relationships; not marriage or exclusive relationship material.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne


  1. Kamal says

    Hey there Corey I discovered your channel two days ago and since 48 hours I’ve been binge-watching and devouring all your videos to get a wholistic perspective and grasp your vision and so far I really enjoyed them thanks for your time and valuable insights.

    Thus, I decided to go out and allow myself to get inspired from the 48 hours Corey Wayne mass injection and I met this girl for the second time ( we had sex on the first date everything was going fine we had some chemistry and she was sweet ) and when I took her back to my place and started escalating she started to push me back and behaved in a cold manner so I stopped and inquired about her emotional state in a inquisitive, irreverent, sharp, witty but yet benevolent manner.

    The next thing you know she snapped out at me saying that she didn’t know why she a had a severe mood swing and that she was leaving telling me that I behaved like a anal sphincter ( not the actual words she used but you get the idea) when I asked her to share with me her thoughts cause obviously I was worried ( and yes I was, I’m extremely sensitive and attuned to someone behavior ) and left me hanging there without any explanations.What do you think about the whole situation and what do you think I should do ?

    P.S : excuse my spelling mistakes english is my third langage, oh and btw I’m from Morocco : ).

    Looking forward very much to hear from you Mr.Wayne.

    Warm regards.

  2. Francis la torre says

    Just by reading your quotes I know your the real deal . I like to believe I have all the answers. I am a better teacher then I am a doer. You are very intellectual, and I respect that.

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