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Start own business

Turning Your Life Around

How to turn your life around and recover from a bad breakup, and create an even better life and lifestyle for yourself by doing something or starting something you’ve always wanted to do, like your own business, a career change, lifestyle change, etc. In this video … Read More

man and woman on couch

Talking Her Out Of Dating You

Why most men fail with women by talking them right out of liking and dating them, and how you can avoid these simple mistakes and skyrocket your success with women. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email from a viewer who had a great first date with a woman … Read More

Open hand raised, Stop Bragging sign painted

Never Brag About Yourself

Why bragging about your money, success or accomplishments makes you look weak, insecure and shallow, and why this will turn women off and cause them to lose attraction for you. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email from a viewer who was dating a woman for … Read More

Heated argument

Making Your Woman Your Mommy

Why men need to focus on their purpose and mission in life, and do what they want to make themselves happy, instead of trying to become what they think their women want, being a pleaser and waiting around on their women to tell them what to do like their mommy. In this … Read More

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too much too soon

Should You Give Women Gifts?

Here's how to tell when it's appropriate to give gifts to women you date, and when it becomes a turn-off that ruins sexual attraction. Before I recovered from being a "nice guy," inappropriate gifts and flowers were my calling card. They ran up my credit card bill, but … Read More

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Be A Man, Not A Pussy

How to express your emotions around women in an authentic masculine way that makes you look confident, but not weak, so women love & respect you instead of walking all over you and treating you like a doormat. It's amazing when you think about the negative effect the … Read More

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Do You Have The Will To Live?

Women love men who have set compelling goals and are relentlessly taking action to make them a reality. That's what an alpha male does. Masculine energy is all about purpose, drive, direction, focus, pursuing your goals, etc. Vibrant, passionate, excited alpha males are … Read More


Death Begins In The Colon…

Your cells need three things to thrive and survive: 1) oxygen 2) the proper nutrients 3) the ability to eliminate waste. If any one of the three are missing, imbalances will arise as a result. The imbalances will cause dis-ease in the proper functioning of your body’s … Read More

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confused woman

Do Women Understand… Women?

Have you ever wondered why women say they want a nice guy, but they always seem to fall for jerks? Women understandably get irritated when a man will not stop and ask for directions when he is lost. However, have you ever had a woman give you directions to somewhere? It's … Read More

seduction kiss romance

The Sexual Revolution

The sexual and social revolution of the past 100 years has given human beings the freedom to be who they really are and have sex with who they want to with no strings attached. Women have gained the right to vote and the freedom to really truly express themselves in ways … Read More


How To Build A Successful Business

How to build a successful business & become an internet millionaire while spending no money on advertising. When I was in real estate, I used to spend approximately $50,000 per month on television advertising to generate leads for my real estate salespeople and mortgage … Read More

grandest dreams

What’s Your Greatest Dream?

This is a question I got from a Twitter follower. His dream is to build a homeless shelter for dogs and provide them with a good life. It will give you a perspective on how I help people identify their most heartfelt goals, and then help them come up with a plan to execute … Read More

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