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Couple during break up - Sad young woman

She’s Cold & Unappreciative

What you should do if you have been dating a woman on and off for several months and yet she still seems to be cold, unaffectionate, unappreciative and does not respect your time, so you can increase her attraction and cause her to fall in love with you and want to be with … Read More

Urban fashion

My Girlfriend Might Move Away

What you should do if the love of your life, girlfriend, or your wife is considering or talking about moving away to another city, state, or country that you have no desire to move to, and you want to cause her to choose to stay with you instead. In this video coaching … Read More

Handsome black man wearing suit in urban background

Getting Your Center Back

How a man can regain his center, align with his true purpose in life and get back to being his most masculine and sexy self after a breakup, traumatic experience or challenging times, so he can meet and date the kind of women he’s always wanted. In this video coaching … Read More

Thoughtful man

Letting Haters Diminish You

The importance of not letting haters, people who are close to you or self hating and self loathing jerkoffs diminish you, and therefore, deter you from taking action to achieve your goals when they try to project their own weaknesses, flaws, faults, shortcomings and lack of … Read More

Side profile of a businessman and a businesswoman flirting in an office

Work Affairs

Some things you should consider if you become romantically involved with a coworker who is in an unhappy relationship with someone else, but yet continues to stay with them when you want to have a relationship with them. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an … Read More

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Why She Doesn’t Love You

How to determine why your lover is not in love with you, and what you need to do differently to ensure that they fall head over heels in love with you and want to be in an exclusive relationship with you. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email from a … Read More


Don’t Act Dopey Around Women!

When a “recovering nice guy” first starts dating a woman who makes him feel like she is the ultimate woman or the dream woman he has always wanted, his weak feelings, insecurities and irrational fears can be so overwhelming that he becomes unsure of himself. He really wants … Read More

date multiple women

How To Date Multiple Women

Are you a man who would like to date multiple women? Would you like to learn how to have your choice with women? Would you like to get to a point in your dating life where many different women are blowing up your phone trying to get you to spend time with them? When I … Read More

mowing other guys lawn

Never Mow Another Man’s Lawn

You should never hit on or try to steal a girl from another guy. In other words... never mow another man’s lawn. How would you feel if some guy was trying to rip-off your girlfriend? Here’s an email question I got recently from a guy who is contemplating just that. My … Read More

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Subtle Marriage Hints?

Here's how to tell when a woman is giving you subtle marriage hints and when she simply trusts your judgment. Men are historically known for avoiding and being scared of marriage and commitment. Men have the innate desire to be free from anything that may get in the way of … Read More


Why Women Can’t Say No

Here's why women will give you their phone number, but then ignore your phone calls, texts and messages. If you study what I teach long enough and interact with enough women, you will develop a tremendous sense of compassion and empathy for women and what they have to put up … Read More

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Time Is Not What You Think It Is

I Remember when Dr. Wayne Dyer’s power of intention, the secret, the Law of attraction, etc. really took off and became mainstream several years ago. Oprah and millions of people worldwide started believing that they could create their own reality just by their thoughts, … Read More

Marcus Luttrell

The Ultimate Alpha Male

This is what an alpha male looks like. Look at the position of his arms and legs. Look at how he dresses. Like a man. He is comfortable, takes up too much space. He looks relaxed and confident, but intimidating and like he’s not someone you want to fuck with. If he was … Read More

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How To Maintain Your Ideal Weight

The key to maintaining your ideal weight naturally is by ensuring that your body gets the proper amount of alkaline water, green vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and exercise. Our bodies are alkaline by design, and acid by function. The cells of our body were designed to … Read More


Death Begins In The Colon…

Your cells need three things to thrive and survive: 1) oxygen 2) the proper nutrients 3) the ability to eliminate waste. If any one of the three are missing, imbalances will arise as a result. The imbalances will cause dis-ease in the proper functioning of your body’s … Read More


Do You Have The Will To Live?

Women love men who have set compelling goals and are relentlessly taking action to make them a reality. That's what an alpha male does. Masculine energy is all about purpose, drive, direction, focus, pursuing your goals, etc. Vibrant, passionate, excited alpha males are … Read More

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I Have A Potty Mouth

I get emails from time to time from people who think I need to change who I am so they don't get offended. I am sure you have plenty of people in your life trying to tell you who you should be and how you should live your life. NEVER try to bend yourself into a pretzel to … Read More


How To Build A Successful Business

How to build a successful business & become an internet millionaire while spending no money on advertising. When I was in real estate, I used to spend approximately $50,000 per month on television advertising to generate leads for my real estate salespeople and mortgage … Read More

great leader

How To Be A Great Leader

What does it take to become a great leader? The word "lead" means to go first. The number one way to be the most effective leader of people is to be at your best personally. What does it mean to be at your best personally? It means that you are focused on leading by … Read More

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