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You Attract How You Act

The importance of maintaining your focus on what you want and having high standards for yourself, what you’re willing to accept in your life, and the kind of people that you allow to participate in your world. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a … Read More

romantic couple having fun at santa monica on beach

A Hope For A Better Future

How to regain your hope for a better life if you discover that your wife or girlfriend has been cheating on you with another man so you can move on and attract someone who shares similar goals and values and who places a high value on loyalty and communication. In this … Read More

Мужчина и женщина

Relationship Negotiations

What you should and should not do when it comes to attracting or re-attracting lovers who continually test your strength, and seem to constantly try to come up with new and creative ways to get you to comply with being in the friends zone. In this video coaching … Read More

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Let’s Just Be Friends…

Here's some attraction tips to ensure she becomes your girlfriend instead of giving you the "let's just be friends" speech! In order for a woman to fall in love with you to the point where she asks you to be her boyfriend, you must understand that love is a marathon and not … Read More


Help Getting Her Back

How to know when you have a chance at getting a woman back who rejected you & when you don't. Sometimes I find it sad when I read e-mails from guys who write me about women who blew them off after they spent a year or two of their lives holding out hope that the women they … Read More

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When Should You Get Married?

Here's what you should consider and experience before you decide to get married. When you take into account that the divorce rate is over 50%, and that only about 3% of couples really have a great relationship with healthy communication and mutual fulfillment, the odds of … Read More

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Work Affairs

Some things you should consider if you become romantically involved with a coworker who is in an unhappy relationship with someone else, but yet continues to stay with them when you want to have a relationship with them. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an … Read More

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Marcus Luttrell

The Ultimate Alpha Male

This is what an alpha male looks like. Look at the position of his arms and legs. Look at how he dresses. Like a man. He is comfortable, takes up too much space. He looks relaxed and confident, but intimidating and like he’s not someone you want to fuck with. If he was … Read More

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Death Begins In The Colon…

Your cells need three things to thrive and survive: 1) oxygen 2) the proper nutrients 3) the ability to eliminate waste. If any one of the three are missing, imbalances will arise as a result. The imbalances will cause dis-ease in the proper functioning of your body’s … Read More

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Hugh Hefner… Stud Or Dud?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered what things are really like inside the world of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Is he simply just the ultimate alpha male? Or, is there something else going on? Lets face it. Every guys fantasy is being with multiple … Read More


How To Build A Successful Business

How to build a successful business & become an internet millionaire while spending no money on advertising. When I was in real estate, I used to spend approximately $50,000 per month on television advertising to generate leads for my real estate salespeople and mortgage … Read More

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The Sexual Revolution

The sexual and social revolution of the past 100 years has given human beings the freedom to be who they really are and have sex with who they want to with no strings attached. Women have gained the right to vote and the freedom to really truly express themselves in ways … Read More


I Have A Potty Mouth

I get emails from time to time from people who think I need to change who I am so they don't get offended. I am sure you have plenty of people in your life trying to tell you who you should be and how you should live your life. NEVER try to bend yourself into a pretzel to … Read More

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