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couple of lovers in bed being intimate

Sex Playmates

How to keep several sex playmates in your life who continue to pursue and want to hook up with you, even if they’re from out of town, so you can continue to date and hook up with many women and have a great sex life until you meet the woman of your dreams to have a … Read More

love triangle

She Flirts With Other Guys

What you should do if your girlfriend, wife, or a woman you’re dating, openly flirts with, allows other men to touch her in inappropriate ways, or seems to consistently invite the attention of other men. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer … Read More

Couple during break up - Sad young woman

She’s Cold & Unappreciative

What you should do if you have been dating a woman on and off for several months and yet she still seems to be cold, unaffectionate, unappreciative and does not respect your time, so you can increase her attraction and cause her to fall in love with you and want to be with … Read More

Urban fashion

My Girlfriend Might Move Away

What you should do if the love of your life, girlfriend, or your wife is considering or talking about moving away to another city, state, or country that you have no desire to move to, and you want to cause her to choose to stay with you instead. In this video coaching … Read More

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get girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend

If you are a man who would like to learn how to get a girlfriend, turn your girl “friend” into a girlfriend, or date the type of beautiful woman you've always dreamed of, then this will be the most exciting message you will ever read. The short and simple answer of how to … Read More


Go For The Kiss, Not A Hug!

Here's why you must always go for the kiss at the end of your first dates instead of a hug, or you'll get rejected! When a woman knows that you like her romantically, but you hesitate to go for what you want, she'll judge you as being weak and therefore unworthy to be her … Read More

Going back to old girlfriends when the relationship is over is like heating up leftovers

Heating Up Leftovers…

Moving on after the end of long-term relationships can be very hard. Women tend to get over relationships faster than men do. I believe it is because women are more in touch with their emotions and therefore, they hurt, cry, talk with their girlfriends, etc. and feel the … Read More

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beautiful liar

Do Women Really Lie To Men?

For men who don't understand women, how they communicate and the place they are coming from, they usually will incorrectly label them as liars. There are two things that are important to understand about how women communicate with men: 1) women are emotional beings who say … Read More

couple relationship

Do Women Test Their Men?

All women test men. They test and probe to get a sense of a man's strength and his level of congruency with what he says. If a woman tests you and she senses weakness either in your love for her, or in your level of commitment to actually following through on the things you … Read More


What Kind Of Woman Is This?

Envy, inadequacies & insecurities are why men see themselves as studs but women as sluts if they sleep around. It's kind of odd don't you think that women get labeled as sluts when they sleep around, but when men do it it's totally acceptable and okay and men are celebrated … Read More

men are easy

Ladies, Men Are Easy!

Would you like your man to listen to you more? Would you like to learn how you can get your man to do the things you like for you? How to get a man to fulfill you in the ways you want to be fulfilled? Would you like to improve the overall intimacy and communication in … Read More

Side profile of a businessman and a businesswoman flirting in an office

Work Affairs

Some things you should consider if you become romantically involved with a coworker who is in an unhappy relationship with someone else, but yet continues to stay with them when you want to have a relationship with them. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an … Read More

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Why I Don’t Care What You Think

Why I don’t care what you or other people think about me, why you should learn to think, live, and act this way in your own life, and how being this way will enable you to reach your full potential, love, and value yourself. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an … Read More

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How To Maintain Your Ideal Weight

The key to maintaining your ideal weight naturally is by ensuring that your body gets the proper amount of alkaline water, green vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and exercise. Our bodies are alkaline by design, and acid by function. The cells of our body were designed to … Read More


Death Begins In The Colon…

Your cells need three things to thrive and survive: 1) oxygen 2) the proper nutrients 3) the ability to eliminate waste. If any one of the three are missing, imbalances will arise as a result. The imbalances will cause dis-ease in the proper functioning of your body’s … Read More

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seduction kiss romance

The Sexual Revolution

The sexual and social revolution of the past 100 years has given human beings the freedom to be who they really are and have sex with who they want to with no strings attached. Women have gained the right to vote and the freedom to really truly express themselves in ways … Read More

great leader

How To Be A Great Leader

What does it take to become a great leader? The word "lead" means to go first. The number one way to be the most effective leader of people is to be at your best personally. What does it mean to be at your best personally? It means that you are focused on leading by … Read More

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