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Come Have Your Way With Me!

How to create attraction, be direct and ask a woman out who you may have known for a while so you can literally have her begging for you to come over, seduce her and have your way with her. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who I did a … Read More

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Masculine Vacillation

Why men who vacillate back and forth between being sure of themselves and masculine, and being unsure and feminine, will cause women to back away, test, not trust their masculine core and often assume the masculine role, which will eventually cause women to leave the … Read More

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Beta Males Get Friend Zoned

How to avoid acting like a beta male when you first start dating a woman you really like, so you can instead act like a charming alpha male to cause her to fall in love with you and want to make you her boyfriend. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from … Read More

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Letting Go Of The Past

What you should focus on so you can finally let go of the past and overcome feeling guilty and sad about a relationship that didn’t work out like you expected. Why this is essential to creating a space for someone new and better suited for you to fill. In this video … Read More

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I’ve Never Been Happier!

How to get to a place in your life where you can overcome a painful breakup and the end of your relationship, so you can recover emotionally, rebuild your confidence, meet and date the next great love of your life. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email … Read More


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Let Women Do The Choosing!

How to back off and let women do the choosing so they choose to make you their boyfriend instead of someone else. Women scheme about and plan how they are going to catch you. If you chase them, they will choose some other guy who understands and knows it's the women who do … Read More

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She’s Indifferent To Me

What you should do if a woman you used to date or a woman you are interested in seems to be indifferent towards you to the point that she seems to have no interest. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who has recently started talking to a … Read More


Why He’s Still A Virgin

How to succeed and avoid the mistakes some men make trying to lose their virginity, get laid or get girlfriends. I would say the biggest hindrance to succeeding with women for men who are unsuccessful with women is, acting needy, weak, clingy or insecure. Men who are … Read More

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Prequalify Your Lovers

What to look for and how to prequalify potential lovers to weed out the toxic, drama-filled, structured, inflexible, insecure and poor communicators so you can attract a high quality lover who shares similar goals and values. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss … Read More

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Guys Who Only Care About Sex

Why being focused only on getting laid or having sex, instead of creating fun, romantic dates that naturally lead to sex, will cause rejection and failure. Why you also need to focus on dating, courtship, and relationship principles in order to transition a successful … Read More


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He Doesn’t Want To Commit

This is an email question I got from a reader: Hi, I am in a relationship for two years now and still my boyfriend tells me no marriage, no kids.  I love him with all my heart, but it really hurts to see that he does not want to commit to be engaged with me.  What … Read More

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A Hope For A Better Future

How to regain your hope for a better life if you discover that your wife or girlfriend has been cheating on you with another man so you can move on and attract someone who shares similar goals and values and who places a high value on loyalty and communication. In this … Read More


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Relationships Built Upon Lies

The importance of building a relationship based upon openness, communication, trust, honesty, etc., instead of one based upon inauthenticity, lies, self-deception, and ignoring reality. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who knocked up his … Read More



Do You Have The Will To Live?

Women love men who have set compelling goals and are relentlessly taking action to make them a reality. That's what an alpha male does. Masculine energy is all about purpose, drive, direction, focus, pursuing your goals, etc. Vibrant, passionate, excited alpha males are … Read More


Death Begins In The Colon…

Your cells need three things to thrive and survive: 1) oxygen 2) the proper nutrients 3) the ability to eliminate waste. If any one of the three are missing, imbalances will arise as a result. The imbalances will cause dis-ease in the proper functioning of your body’s … Read More


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The Sexual Revolution

The sexual and social revolution of the past 100 years has given human beings the freedom to be who they really are and have sex with who they want to with no strings attached. Women have gained the right to vote and the freedom to really truly express themselves in ways … Read More

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How To Be A Great Leader

What does it take to become a great leader? The word "lead" means to go first. The number one way to be the most effective leader of people is to be at your best personally. What does it mean to be at your best personally? It means that you are focused on leading by … Read More


How To Build A Successful Business

How to build a successful business & become an internet millionaire while spending no money on advertising. When I was in real estate, I used to spend approximately $50,000 per month on television advertising to generate leads for my real estate salespeople and mortgage … Read More